Aloha Friday!

Hey, it’s Aloha Friday and that means the weekend is here which means MDNA is at Lulu’s tonight and Kani Ka Pila Grille tomorrow.  The forecast is for rain this weekend but I hope it clears up by tomorrow since KKPG is outside.  We have a secret weapon, though … whenever it starts raining we play Alex’s song “RAINING” and the rain miraculously stops.  Always.

Yesterday was an up & down kind of day for golf – shot a 39 on the front and a 45 on the back.  I had 3 birdies, 2 double bogeys, and a triple bogey … not exactly a consistent round!  At least I was competitive and didn’t lose any individual or team bets – whew!  I also played with the Nike Vapor ball again and really liked it, so I’m going to stick with it for now.  ProAm Golf has a 2 for 1 special on them so I’m going to buy a couple of more boxes.

I’m watching our UH Warriors self-destruct against San Jose State.   They’ve already had 5 turnovers in a game which is turning into another UNLV-like rout by the Spartans … and it’s only the first half!  I sure hope our boys come out blazing in the 2nd half or it’s going to be another long flight home!  How embarrassing!

Gotta go get ready for Lulu’s now, so I’m going to record the rest of the game and watch it after I get home.  Sure hope UH does better …

Aloha, “D”