DNA Golf

I had a great time with the DNA Golf Club out at Kapolei yesterday.  The 2-man team format was a lot of fun and the competition was fierce as my partner and I ended up winning a hard fought match against Alex’s team.  I tried a new ball yesterday, the Nike Vapor, which I received as a door prize at last week’s golf tournament.  I usually play with Titlelist ProVs, but these Nikes felt pretty good so I’m going to use them again later this week.  Our DNA golf chairman, Nick, also incorporated a food drive for the Hawai’i Food Bank in yesterday’s tournament – everyone who brought canned food got mulligans for their team.  Needless to say, all the teams got the maximum amount of mulligans and the Food Bank got a LOT of canned food!  Way to go, DNA golfers!

Our return appearance at the Kani Ka Pila Grille on Saturday night went pretty well although it took us a little while to settle back into our groove.  The fact that we were all still a little jet lagged didn’t help either, but we managed to dial it all in after the first set and ended with our usual strong hana hou finish.  Mahalo to all of our family, friends, and visitors who were there to welcome us home … it truly is great to be back!  After we were done, we headed on over to Tokkuritei for a little sushi, sake, and lots of laughs with our pals, Gregg and Bobby Mac.  It was also great to see our good friend and fellow musician, Kamuela Kahoano, who also joined us after his gig ….

All in all, it was another great weekend and now I have two very busy weeks ahead before ManoaDNA flies back to Japan for a quick goodwill tour to Fukushima and Miyagi.  Take care and stay safe everyone!

Aloha, “D”