Jet lag … yet again!

Ok, so it’s now my first full day back home and I’m actually feeling pretty good so far … but I know the evil jet lag monster is lurking out there and getting ready to attack.  And even though I slept a lot yesterday and had a good sleep last night, I know it’ll take at least a week to fully recover from this last trip.  For some reason this one really took a lot out of me physically, mentally, and emotionally … it was really tough.  But at least I’m home now and can recharge and refocus my energies on what lies ahead for us …

When we arrived home yesterday, I noticed that things were pretty dry – lawns were turning brown, and Carla said that the weather had been hot and dry since we left for Japan over a week ago.  So Alex decides to wash his truck later in the afternoon and lo and behold, it starts raining and it hasn’t stopped yet!  It’s like magic .. every time he starts washing his truck, it always starts raining!

Oh, and I think our avocados are now ready to be picked because I heard a couple of them falling from our tree last night.  The puppies have also started bringing them into the house so it sounds like someone’s dropping bowling balls on the floor!  I guess it’s time to take out the fruit picker and get busy this weekend.

Aloha, “D”