Back to Japan

Aloha, everyone!  We’re busy getting ready to leave for Japan and like all of our trips, it’s a last-minute scramble!  This trip will be extra special because not only will it be our final appearance as the official representatives of Hawai’i Tourism in Japan, but more importantly, we’ll be unveiling the next phase of ManoaDNA’s musical journey in two special live performances.  As  demonstrated in our latest CD “EVOLUTION”, our music has evolved beyond the traditional island genre and into a more fun, upbeat contemporary direction.  We will be showcasing this transition in a special ManoaDNA Live presentation at Moon Romantic in Aoyama on Monday, Sept. 26th, and at a special live performance at Thumbs Up in Yokohama on Wednesday, Sept. 28th (this show is sold out but please call in case there are any cancellations.)  I’m sure some of our fans will be surprised but I hope not disappointed!

Ok, gotta get back to work .. sorry for the short blog!

Aloha, “D”