Vegas recap

‘Morning, all!  Alex picked us up from the airport after we flew in from Vegas last night, and the cool, trades felt so good on my dry, parched skin!  Naturally, the puppies went berserk when they saw us pull into the driveway and immediately started sniffing our luggage to see which one had their treats.  After unpacking the Trader Joe’s and other stuff, I had something to eat and watched Nick’s new video of FEEL THE LIGHT … very, very cool!  I hope you all get to see it ….

Here’s a brief recap my trip:

GOOD:  Coffee at Sam’s Town TGIF, the food @ Todd’s, the Veranda, and Triple 7, golf @ Boulder Creek and Spanish Trails G.C., Trader Joe’s (always!), the free 24 oz. mugs at Billy Bob’s, and just hanging out with my family and the Selohssa golf gang.

SUCKED:  UH vs. UNLV football game (pathetic!), driving on 1-15 through the Spaghetti Bowl, Hawaiian Air’s $12 cheeseburger, and the Willy & Jose’s busboy who dropped a whole tray of food on Carla and my mother-in-law!

I want to send a big mahalo out to Phil, Henry, Dave, and the rest of the staff for taking such good care of me and the group!  Also want to thank my sister-in-law Diane for the onolicious cookies she baked for me and brought all the way over from Florida.

Ok, so now I’m back for the next few days before heading off to Japan with ManoaDNA – yup, I’m flying in the opposite direction which will be REALLY interesting since I’ve never experienced a double dose of jet lag before!  So beware of “Evil Traveling Lloyd” … he’s a REAL pain in the ass!!

Aloha, “D”