Vegas – final day

Aloha!  Started off our last day in Vegas with brunch over at the Veranda in the Four Seasons, followed by a stop at Trader Joe’s to buy stuff for the guys at home.  I ended up buying a bunch of chocolate, so I have to be careful how I pack it since I don’t want the stuff to melt in my luggage.  We’re also going to do some shopping tomorrow since Carla & I don’t fly out till later in the day.  Then as soon as I get back to Hawai’i, I have to start packing for Japan … what an insane schedule!

Well, our poor U.H. Warriors got their butts kicked last night, 40-20, by the UNLV Rebels.  UNLV was a 20-point underdog but totally dominated the over-confident Warriors.  I was glad I didn’t go to the stadium and ended up staying back at the casino’s sports bar to watch the massacre with some of the guys.  I don’t know what happened to the team .. they really looked awful!

The desert air here in Vegas is so dry.  I have to use a lot of moisturizing lotion to keep my skin from turning into leather and I also have to apply a lot of lip balm to keep my lips from getting chapped.  My lips are the most sensitive – they chap and blister so easily that it starts even before the plane lands in Vegas!  Oh well, that’s how it goes …

Aloha, “D”