Go Warriors!

Howzit, everybody!  It’s Football Saturday and the U.H. Warriors are playing the University of Washington Huskies in Seattle this morning.  And since it’s on pay-per-view TV, I think I’m going to go down to the original Side Street to watch the game.  This should be a good test for our young Warrior team since UW is part of the powerful Pac-12 conference.

We went down to Studio Rim in Waikiki to join our DJ pals Reiko and Hiroko on their radio show yesterday.  As we approached the hotel’s parking garage entrance, there was a large group of striking hotel workers blocking the sidewalks and chanting union slogans.  There were a couple of security guys directing traffic so I drove up to the garage entrance and waited to be let in.  One of them, this lolo whose brains were obviously in his biceps, ordered me to drive back around the block and wait across the intersection until he waved me forward.  So I did just that and waited … and waited … and waited.  Meanwhile, this idiot is standing on the corner picking his nose while trying to hustle chicks in bikinis, and had obviously forgotten about me as other cars drove up to the garage entrance and went right in.  That really pissed me off, so I said to hell with him and drove up to the entrance where other security guards let me right in.  What’s up with that?!  Then while we’re passing through the picket line and crossing the street, this one striker turns to me while screaming into a bullhorn at the top her lungs.  It was like having your ear up against a speaker and suddenly getting hit with feedback!  I thought I was going to die!  Hey, Strikerlady – Lesson #1: you don’t scream at people if you want their support, and Lesson #2: learn how to speak English, you moron!  Oh yeah … and it’s probably a lost cause, but try using make-up too …

We’re back at Kani Ka Pila tonight … hope they’re not on strike too!

Aloha, “D”