Blog master!

It’s another beeyoootiful Aloha Friday here in paradise … we just got back from walking our puppies around the neighborhood.  Even though it’s only 7:30am, it’s already getting a little warm so it looks like we’re in for another hot day!  I think the seasons have shifted a bit because we had cooler Spring weather during July and August, and now we’re getting the summer heat just as we’re supposed to be starting Fall!  Go figure …

Have you noticed that I’m the only one blogging on our website now?  That’s because the boys are now using Twitter for all their ManoaDNA news, so you can find them there.  And because I’m old and a VERY slow learner, I always stick to the tried and true – my website blog – so you’ll continue to see my posts every day (well, almost every day! haha!) until technology or the boys force me to change!

I had a crazy round of golf yesterday afternoon – shot 37 on the front and 45 on the back!  It wasn’t one of my best days but I can’t complain, especially after playing with a bum shoulder and still feeling the aftereffects of my Boot Camp experience!  Still, it was good to get out and hang with my buddies … they really are a great bunch of guys!  Afterward, I headed on over to Gordon Biersch where ManoaDNA performed on the outside stage.  It’s not really one of my favorite venues since it’s long (3 1/2 hours!) and later than our usual gigs (7 to 10:30pm), but it was good to play with a full band and Chris Deal always does a great job on sound.  It was also nice to see Joe and the bar staff again … and the tapas appetizer is the bomb!

Alex is doing a special solo performance tonight so we won’t be at Lulu’s.  We will, however, be at Kani Ka Pila tomorrow for our only Saturday this month since we’ll be on the road and won’t be back until October.

Aloha, “D”