Back to work ….

Hey, everybody!  Well, like all holidays Labor Day was much too brief, but I hope you all got to spend some R&R with your ohana.  Other than a Costco and Zippy’s run, I basically spent the weekend at home just chilling … oh yeah, and cleaning off the front porch.  Since this was the first time that I actually spent two straight days without any real physical activity, I noticed that my joints started to ache a bit – weird.  I guess my body is so used to daily workouts that it stiffens up after only one day of doing nothing … does this ever happen to any of you other “fine-tuned” athletes out there?  How ’bout my fellow old farts??  Hahaha!!

So now it’s back to work and I’ve got another busy schedule this week.  On the IOLANI side, we’ve started making preparations for a fashion presentation in Sapporo at the end of the month during ManoaDNA’s fall tour.  It should be a fun experience, especially since our models will be selected from the public and our dancer, Kamalei, will be making her debut as an IOLANI spokesperson for the first time – YEAH!!  And by the way, if you’re interested in being an IOLANI model for our Sapporo presentation, please contact FM Northwave in Sapporo for more details.

After Sapporo, we head back to Tokyo for a couple of ManoaDNA Live! stages at Moon Romantic in Aoyama on Mon., 9/26, and Thumbs Up in Yokohama on Wed., 9/28.  We’re really excited about these shows because we plan to feature a unique ManoaDNA “experience” at each one.  I won’t give out the details since you’ll have to come and see for yourself, but I guarantee that each show will be very interesting and fun!

Here in Honolulu, MDNA will be performing at Gordon Biersch this Thursday from 7 to 10:30pm.  It’ll be a one-time performance  and a homecoming of sorts for me & the boys since our last performance there almost 3 years ago.  And although we won’t be at Lulu’s this Friday, we will be at Kani Ka Pila on Saturday so please come on down and join the fun!

Aloha, “D”