Happy Labor Day!

It’s the Labor Day holiday and it’s gonna be a hot one here at home!  After Saturday night’s concert with C&K, I was pretty exhausted yesterday so I ended up cruising at home most of the day and watched a replay of the U.H vs. Colorado football game.  Although U.H. won, both teams looked a little rough around the edges and weren’t very sharp.  But a win is still a win, so I’m happy!

You guys ever go to Costco on a holiday weekend?  Well I made the mistake of doing just that yesterday afternoon – along with 80 zillion other people!  I knew I was dead when the line of cars waiting to get in at the intersection stretched for almost two blocks … and trying to find a parking space once you got there was like being in a Demolition Derby Battle Royal!  But once inside, I couldn’t believe how many people there were … I mean, Costco has HUGE, wide aisles but it was so crowded that there was shopping cart gridlock!  I barely made it out of there with my 8 tons of stuff which I don’t really need … hmmmm, come to think of it I can’t even remember why I went there in the first place!  hahaha!

Final night of the C&K concert in front of a rowdy, sell-out crowd was totally awesome!  ManoaDNA kicked butt again, and then got up on stage to join C&K, Amy, Sean,and Robi for the finale.  I sincerely want to thank Cee, Henry, Lezlee, and Kimi for inviting us to join them for their annual Labor Day concerts … it was truly a blast!   Speaking of a blast, the Hilton has a fireworks show every Friday night but added a special one for Saturday night’s concert.  It was timed to go off during one C&K’s special songs and did, except it appeared to be cut short by a transmitter malfunction.  No worries, except that for some mysterious reason the signal somehow reconnected a few songs later and sent the remaining fireworks shooting into the sky!  Imagine the startled looks on everyone’s faces, especially the Hilton technicians …

MDNA will be returning to Gordon Biersch this Thursday for one night which should be fun since Alex will have his Strat again and Seann will have his full drum kit.  So if you enjoyed MDNA at the C&K concerts, come on down and see what we can really do!  Rock on baby!!!

Aloha, “D”