Rehearsal time!

Got a lot of performances to prepare for the next few weeks starting with the C&K concerts this weekend and then Japan at the end of the month.  Throw in the ongoing IOLANI stuff and it’s going to be one helluva busy September!  And since October looks like it’s going to be just as crazy … “IT’S TIME TO ROCK ‘N ROLL, BAYBEEEEE!!”

This weekend’s C&K Labor Day concerts should be fun and nostalgic … a real throwback to the good ‘ol days back in the 70’s & 80’s (before I was born … NOT!!).  It’ll also be a reunion of sorts since Mark (our bass player) and I have performed with C&K in the past and also performed with Cecilio for many years.  I remember Alex as a 2-year old watching us intently with his little toy ukulele as we rehearsed in the living room at our home in Manoa.  I think that’s how he learned to play left-handed instead of right – by sitting opposite of us, he probably saw us as playing left-handed and somehow went with the flow.  He’s actually right-handed but plays his guitar left-handed with upside down tuning … go figure!

I just heard that Rosemary’s, my absolute favorite restaurant in Las Vegas, just closed due to the bad economy over there.  Bummers!!  We always made it a point to eat at Rosemary’s whenever we were in Vegas and had some of our best meals there.  I LOVED the goat cheese-stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto and the angel hair pasta w/ pistachios and asparagus!  Another winner was the “brick” chicken which Carla always ordered … I will really miss that place and hope the owner/chefs will reopen someday.

Aloha, “D”