Hey, anyone get the the new revised MacBook Air yet?  I’ve been looking at getting one for the road to replace my iPad, but the sucker’s expensive.  I like my iPad except for the damn touch pad keyboard – it turns a simple email reply into a time-consuming chore.  Maybe I’ll just upgrade my iPad instead …

Well, as expected my shoulder gave me problems during golf yesterday.  By the end of the round it was stiff and sore and I was having a hard time completing the follow-thru on my swing.  But lo and behold, I ended up winning the low net jackpot because everyone else shot worse than I did!  Amazing ….

I also stopped off at Diamond Head Grill to pick up some dinner for the girls … a couple of teri chicken plates with brown rice and tossed salads.  I also picked up some Portuguese bean soup, a mozarella & tomato-crusted salmon on pesto linguini, and papaya stuffed with a delicious curried chicken salad.  Yeah, baby!  I’m ready for the weekend!

Speaking of the weekend, MDNA is back at Lulu’s tonight, but won’t be appearing at KKPG tomorrow due to a special performance elsewhere.  And next week we’ll be off at both venues since we’ll be performing at C&K’s annual Labor Day concerts on Friday and Saturday.

Have a great “Aloha Friday” and weekend, my friends …

Aloha, “D”