Oldies but goodies!

Hey, does anyone know when our City & County trash crews pick up bulky items??  Their website says that those items are supposed to be picked up on the second Wednesday of every month, but it’s already the 23rd and everyone’s stuff is still out on the curb!  I don’t know if we all missed the pick-up date, but I’m hoping they’ll come by this week …

ManoaDNA has a heavy schedule for the next several weeks with lots of rehearsals and performances.  We’ll be concentrating on all types of music this time – lots of oldies and contemporary, some Hawaiian, and of course, MDNA originals!  Besides preparing for our return to Japan this fall, we’ll also be opening up for Cecilio & Kapono at their annual Labor Day concert series.  It’ll be a “homecoming” of sorts, since both Mark and I have performed with them in the past and also performed with Cecilio for many years.  Should be a lot of fun!

And after another busy Monday at IOLANI, Carla and I stopped off at our favorite “Islands” burger joint at the Ala Moana Center.  I know .. I keep talking about them in my blog but I really like that place!  It’s convenient and the food and service are always top-notch … plus, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!  Oh, and by the way … I got some sad news yesterday.  Our most favorite restaurant in Las Vegas, Rosemary’s, closed recently – another victim of Vegas’ bad economy.  Bummer!!!  They had the most incredible food and we always ate there during our trips to Vegas.  Sad, sad, sad … well, at least there’s still Todd’s (I hope!).

Aloha, “D”




  1. Hey Dad! You’re right about bulky items! Supposed to be the 2nd Wednesday of every month for manoa. I only know cause I put out some items last month and it took until after august’s bulk day (plus 2 more days…items were gone on Friday). You might try calling the number and tell em “Eh! Come pick up my junk!” Good luck!