The day after … and more.

‘Morning, everybody!  I skipped yesterday’s blog because I had a little too much birthday merriment the night before … in other words, I was pretty hung over!  I want to send a BIG MAHALO! out to all of you for your wonderful birthday messages, and I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally!  I’m truly a lucky guy to have such great friends like you!

My birthday was actually pretty mellow … at least up until we went to Tsukuneya for some drinks and pupus after finishing KHON’s  “Cool Corona Concerts” taping over at the Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki.  The Hard Rock is now at its new location on Beachwalk and Kalakaua and the decor is pretty cool but their sound system for live music sounded a little weird – at least in the dining area.  We performed several of ManoaDNA’s original songs and shared the stories behind each one for the TV special which was hosted by Olena Heu.  After we were done, we headed on over to Tsukuneya and ended up staying til almost closing time.  Naturally, the next morning both my stomach and my head felt like crap … and it didn’t help that we ate almost 3/4 of a box of See’s candies the night before – a definite no-no but oh, soooo ono!  I spent most of yesterday just trying to get my body back to neutral before our performance up at Chaminade University last night.  I’m definitely feeling much better this morning, which is a good thing since we have two special performances later today – the first at Kahala Mall in the early afternoon, and the second in Waikiki for JTB later this evening.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday – the day of rest – so maybe I can try and just do nothing for a change!

I tried playing a little squash yesterday afternoon but my shoulder tightened up again after a few games – damn!  It’s kinda stiff and sore this morning so I may have to go easy on it for a few days … hope I don’t have to go to the doctor!

Aloha, “D”