Special Day!

Ok, so now it’s official – I’m a year older today which means I’m a step closer to retirement and Social Security!  Hahaha!  Of course, that’ll never happen because by the time I reach retirement age Social Security will be but a memory and we’ll probably all be speaking Mandarin!  Sad, but true … but hey, it’s still my birthday so let’s partaaayyy!!  Just had a WONDERFUL homemade breakfast of waffles, bacon, eggs, fruit, and of course, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, all prepared by Carla and the family.  Nick and Alex came over and we all enjoyed a nice family meal together … even the puppies got a few treats!  The boys also gave me a new Odyssey putter – the two-ball model – so I can’t wait to go out and try it.

I think I injured my shoulder yesterday playing squash.  There’s a slight twinge every time I try to raise my arm above my shoulder … not too bad, though, so a little rest should take care of it – I hope.  Man, I’m falling apart – first, my wrist, and now, my shoulder – what next?!  (Ok, quit your bitchin’, Lloyd … get a grip!!  Happy place, happy place …)

I went to the original Side Street last night with some friends for a little pau hana merriment.  They have a special that they serve once in a while called hoisin chicken and it’s pretty awesome.  I’ve been begging Albert, the manager, to make it a regular item on their menu but he’s resisted it so far.  In any case, we enjoyed our usual favorites – fried rice, pork chops, poke, Chinese roast pork, furikake ahi, farmer’s salad, edamame, and of course, copious amounts of cool libations (booze).  Great stuff, but as usual I ate way too much and almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant!

This afternoon ManoaDNA will be at the Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki for a taping of Cool Corona Concerts, a special KHON series featuring some of Hawai’i’s popular musical artists.  We’ll be there from 4:30 – 6:30pm so come on down and enjoy some great music and laughter because I’m sure there’ll be some hilarious out-takes!!

Mahalo, “D”


  1. Dear Dad♡

    happy birthday to you!
    You spent a wonderful birthday in families.
    I will look forward to that I can meet in Sapporo factory next month.
    See you soon!      with my heart  Toshie♡

  2. Mahalo, Toshie!  See you soon!