Windy Monday!

Wassup, gang!  Hope you all had a great weekend … I know I did!  We played golf out at Turtle Bay’s Fazio Course yesterday which was a nice break from playing the courses in town.  The North Shore was beautiful and the drive, though long, was relaxing and scenic.  And I couldn’t believe how many shrimp lunch wagons are now out in Kahuku!  They all seemed to be busy until I passed the original, Giovanni’s … there were so many cars and people around that beat up old lunch wagon that I thought there was some sort of special event going on!  I mean, there was a mob around that place … all for a plate of shrimp and two scoops of rice!  Some of my friends had stopped by to grab a plate of shrimp while driving around the island and said it was good but a bit expensive … really not worth driving all the way around the island for.  But hey, you gotta try it at least once!

And I also promised to give my pal, Reiko, some feedback on the new golf tee which her Osaka friend, Sayano-san, created.  Alex and I tried them out, and Alex seemed to like them because he was hitting huge drives all day.  I also liked the new tee, but need to test it out more this week.  I normally use Stinger tees so it’ll take a lot to get me to switch … but hey, if it consistently gets me over the ditch on holes 14 & 17 at Waialae, I’m sold!

Got another busy week on tap with several meetings at IOLANI along with a few special events for ManoaDNA.  August is sure flying by ….

Aloha, “D”