Happy “Aloha Friday”!!!

Another August week is now in the books … this one went by so quickly!  Pretty soon it’ll be September and ManoaDNA will be back on the road again.  2011 has been a wild ride so far and things had better start settling down soon – the world economy, Japan’s nuclear crisis, the Middle East war – all the stuff that’s creating such huge amounts of suffering and unrest throughout the world.  Being an optimist (well, most of the time!), I believe in the phrase, “the sun doesn’t shine on the horse’s ass all the time”, meaning that things will get better so don’t lose hope!  We just need to keep hanging on, people ….

MDNA helped judge one of C&K’s “Battle of the Bands” over at Dave & Buster’s last night and we had a really great time!  The two bands – Frank Taua III, and Ocean’s Fire – went all out to try and impress the judges and crowd, and in the end, the Frank Taua band edged out Ocean’s Fire by the slim margin of 33 hundredths of a point!  A hearty congratulations to both groups for a job well done!  The winner now moves on to the finals to be held at D&B’s on August 25th …

How was my golf, you ask??  Well, it looks like my “jet lag” golf swing is still alive and well because I was able to shoot another score of 82 yesterday and destroy the rest of my fellow “degenerates”!  I hope I can keep this streak going before my handicap goes back down!

Alex is performing a solo live tonight at Lulu’s so we’re all going to go down to support him, Mark, and Seann.  If you want to enjoy some great pau hana, come on down and join us!

Well, I’m off to Studio Rim to join our pal, DJ Pele Reiko, to do a segment for her Japan radio show … stay safe everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!

Aloha, “D”