Nagoya rocks!

Good morning, peeps! It’s Saturday morning here in Japan and I’m getting ready to go down to breakfast, my favorite meal here in Japan! We have one more performance here in Nagoya and two more in Tokyo tomorrow before we fly back to Hawaii. It’s been another great trip but I think I’m ready to go home …

Last night we performed at a small club called the Paradise Cafe in front of another sold-out house. The place was so packed, there was literally no space to walk so if you had to go to the restroom – good luck! But what really blew me away was the welcome we received from our Nagoya fans – it was AWESOME! And since this was our first live stage in Nagoya, I really didn’t know what to expect … needless to say, we were not disappointed! Mahalo, Nagoya, for your wonderful love & support – we will definitely be back! I also want to send a grateful mahalo to Manoa Rainbow (yes, Manoa!), a local Nagoya trio who gave up their Friday time slot at Paradise Cafe so that MDNA could perform there. Thanks, guys!

I finally had a Mister Donut on this trip! Sarah found a shop near the club yesterday and brought some back for us …. mmmmm, good! Now, if I can only grab a Mos Burger I’ll be a real happy camper!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Aloha!and Good morning!
    I am Tamaki.I spent the best night with you, yesterday.I was excited very much.I strongly wish you come to Nagoya again.

  2. Mahalo, Tamaki!  We really enjoyed Nagoya too, and look forward to returning soon!  Please take care!  Aloha, “D”