MDNA Blog – Great weekend!

Wow what an awesome weekend at Aloha Yokohama Festival! I first want to say thank you to everyone who came out to support us and to all the people who contributed to a great event. It looked like that was the most people at that festival that I’ve ever seen over the last 4 years!
We had 1 show yesterday on the rooftop stage, which was followed by the 1000 person hula. I was telling everyone after the show that that could’ve been the first time that we did the 1000 person hula actually with 100 people or more! It was crazy! We signed CDs after and hung out with our friends before heading back to our hotel to grab some food and drinks.
Before our first show I went to Osanbashi early because I jumped on stage with Vance K Band to jam the song “Summer Again”. He let me sing some parts to that song on his new album so it was really fun to jam it live with them. If only I could remember the words…dammit..sorry Vance!
Last night we told our friends, the Kase’s, that we would meet them in Zushi to listen to Hawaiian music and relax so after we had some dinner and drinks we made the long trek to Zushi. All in all I think it took us around a total of an hour and a half to travel there and back but we made it safely! I immediately showered and passed out on my bed from exhaustion…
I was so happy that I could sleep in this morning and was looking forward to it so much last night. I woke up, turned over my phone to see what time it was…it was 6:30am…damn…still jetlag. So I’ve failed to get more than 5 or so hours of sleep a night this whole tour, which is not a good thing so I better start taking it easy or sleeping more!

Tonight is Thumbs Up so I hope that we see a lot of you there tonight! Please take care and thanks again for reading!