MDNA Blog – Busiest day is finished…

Phew!!! ….the 4-performance day is finished….YEA!!
Yesterday we had 4 performances that were all back to back with barely anytime to eat in between! After the first show at Bay Quarter I knew we were in for a long day. While we were signing CDs there my aloha shirt became almost see thru because of all my sweat! After Bay Quarter we had to rush to perform for an FM Yokohama event at Marine Tower, which turned out to be a pretty cool event. They recorded us performing and will broadcast it later on FM Yokohama radio. After that we rushed over to Colette Male for another HTJ promotion. Our fans were already in place during sound check so we decided to play a familiar song for them – The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson. That gig was interesting because behind the people watching us play were politicians yelling through a bull horn so every time we finished a song you could hear people yelling. Kind of weird but it was OK! Finally, after Colette Male we went to the main stage of Ohsanbashi. IT WAS PACKED!! I couldn’t believe how many people were there! I had so much fun at that stage and after we signed so many CDs it was great!
I want to say thank you to our informal “Fan Club” who always is there at every gig yelling “MANOA D-N-A!” THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! I think it might be time to get an official fan club together so we can say thank you to these people who are coming to our events. Thank you so much!

Off to breakfast so I’ll see you all soon!