MDNA Blog – Feel the Light Lyrics

Hey everyone,
With the recent release of our new single “Feel the Light” I wanted to also release the lyrics on our website for people to read. It’s a really powerful song that my brother wrote and I think the lyrics could help heal some people. If you haven’t already downloaded the song, please check it out. The iTunes link is below, and ALL proceeds go to helping the people in Japan. Here’s the link and the lyrics. Enjoy!
Feel the Light
Composed by: Nick Kawakami; Alex Kawakami
Performed by: ManoaDNA

Sometimes, when the world is dark,
And you can’t see the way without getting lost
Just close your eyes, and feel the light
The light of aloha that’s shining so bright

Feel the light, and feel so alive,
Feel the light, together the world will sing
Feel the light, we’ll be by your side
Feel the light

Never lose faith and hope
It feels like the bottom but keep your head up,
Say a little prayer, too much to say,
Darkness will fade and bring a new day

Kizuna links us, something that cannot be seen,
Guides you without you knowing,
You got to believe