On The Road Again!

Welcome to the 2011 edition of our summer tour! Today was the first day of our July tour in Japan and we started with a private promotional seminar with Hawaii Tourism Japan.

It was really nice to get back on stage and performing after my two weeks off. We saw a lot of our good friends in the audience, and performed some of our usual favorites. Afterwards, we didn’t have time to stop and sign CDs as we had to head straight upstairs for a quick interview at Fm yokohama.

Now, it’s off to the Landmark stage for our final show of the day and close Aloha Yokohama day number one!


  1. Dear manoa DNA
    I watched “Lost paradise Hawaii” on TV.I was sad.A lot of garbage drifts to Hawaii from Japan and the animal is eating it.Thank you very much, coming to Japan and a lot of love for us.In return, I want to help remove garbage in the Hawaii’s sea.We miss your.We miss Hawaii.We love Hawaii.                                                                                                                         From Naoko & Atsuko                                                             From Naoko & Atsuko

  2. Hey Nick…what are the chords for “Our Hawaii”?  Thanks bro!