Busy Sunday

Hi, gang … remember who used to say “hi, gang” all the time?  Hari Kojima, the former fish cutter who became the popular host of Hawai’i’s “Let’s Go Fishing” back in the ’70s used that phrase to open every show.  Hari was a very personable guy … very local, very humble, and always funny!  I remember fishing for papio with him in Kaneohe Bay for one of his TV segments and how he always made you feel like one of the guys.  I read in the newspaper that he recently passed away … yet another one of Hawai’i’s goodwill ambassadors gone …

Hey Japan .. how’s the temperature over there?  We’re headed for Yokohama and Nagoya in next couple of weeks and I hear that it’s already in the mid to high 90’s!  Yikes! That’s ok, though, because we’re really excited about seeing all of you again and I wish we could bring some of Hawai’i’s cool tradewinds as omiyage!  haha!  In any case, see you soon!

And finally … our damn puppies were up barking this morning around 3am.  They probably saw a cat outside or something and went berserk.  I had to get up and put them in one of the bedrooms where they finally calmed down.  Couldn’t really go back to sleep after that though … nothing like being awaken from a sound sleep by a shrieking dog!  Arrrrrghhhh!

Aloha, “D”