B-52’s in the house!

Our dogs just got another one … they hunt down and kill these giant “B-52″ cockroaches that come into our house.  You know the kind – the big, ugly brown or black roaches about 1″ to 2″ long that can also fly – nasty critters!  I think the biggest one they caught was almost 3” long!  Pretty gross …. 

Anyways … Aloha! and good morning, peeps!  It’s Thursday and for some reason, I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I get into these early cycles every now and then .. don’t know why, but I heard you start doing weird things as you get older like getting up early, eating less, complaining and farting more, watching Oprah .. well, at least I don’t watch Oprah!  hahaha!!!

Just watched “At Home With ManoaDNA” episode #5 on Nick’s blog … pretty hilarious!  You can send in questions or comments via our blogs, Facebook, or Twitter, and we’ll answer them on air … or not!  Anyway, it gives our fans a chance to see just how really weird and unbalanced we are – nah, just kidding (or am I???).  Seriously though, our fans are a huge part of our ManoaDNA ohana (family), and we want to show them what we’re like when we’re not on stage (scary, huh?).  And as you can see from “Home”, we’re pretty much an average family that enjoys doing stuff together, even though we all have our own lives.  Hmmm … why does the TV series “Family Guy” keep coming to mind??!!

Gonna go down to IOLANI this morning to do some work before heading out to my regular Thursday golf outing this afternoon.  Please wish me luck because my game is in the toilet … mahalo!

Aloha, “D”