New week …

It’s the final week of June 2011 … I tell you, these months are blowing by real fast!  It’ll be July soon which means that the first half of 2011 will be over and summer will be upon us.  The weather’s also been really weird lately since it still feels like winter with all the wind and rain – very strange!  I did see that the night-blooming cereus, a beautiful flower that only blooms at night, is now in blossom – and the best place to go and see this amazing sight is on Punahou Street, right alongside the Punahou School campus.  You have to go at night and you’d better go soon because it only blooms for a few nights every year.

And as we move into the summer, ManoaDNA will also be very busy.  Besides our regular performances at Lulu’s and Kani Ka Pila, we’ll also be performing at the Wildest Show over at the Honolulu Zoo on July 6th before heading back up to Japan later that month for our summer concert tour with HTJ.  In our continuing efforts to raise more funds for the disaster relief fund, we’ll be bringing up our new single CD “Feel The Light”, a song which Alex wrote as a tribute to the victims and which also features our good friend, Jake Shimabukuro.  This will be the first time that MDNA and Jake have recorded something together, and it’s pretty awesome!  All proceeds from this benefit CD will go towards disaster relief so I hope you’ll like it!

Well, I have to run now … have a great week and I’ll catch you guys later!

Aloha, “D”