Sunday in Paradise!

Another windy day here in Manoa which means that more baby avocados are being blown off our tree.  That’s right, our avocado tree is fruiting again and I can’t wait to taste those buttery pears!  Our tree is pretty old, though, so we may have to take it down pretty soon … bummer!

Something is definitely out of sync with the universe – first, there was the guy at Kani Ka Pila last night who pissed off several of the regular customers with his “I’m the manager, so I’m superior” attitude … then we had an awful time with the stage sound at a benefit concert over at the convention center tonight, even after doing a sound check earlier in the afternoon.  I always thought that you do a sound check in order to avoid any problems during the actual performance.  Well apparently it doesn’t work all the time because for some reason we had one of the worst stage mixes ever during our performance.  In addition, Alex misplaced his pedal bag after sound check and someone found it right when we were ready to begin our performance, but it was too late to use it.  Very weird and disturbing stuff …

But in spite of all the weird happenings this weekend, we had another awesome night at Kani Ka Pila Grille last night.  Many of our friends and fans came down to see us including a group from Hawai’i Tourism Japan.  The place was packed and the evening was filled with music, hula, and lots of laughter … one of our fans from Japan even gave me a very cool lacquered ukulele pin … here’s a pic.

After we were done with tonight’s concert, I went with Mark and Seann to our favorite Korean restaurant, Sorabol where I “pigged” out on a kalbi and barbecue chicken combo washed down by some great OB beer.  I hadn’t been to Sorabol in quite a while so it was nice to go there and enjoy their food once again.

I want to extend a sincere mahalo to Reiko and her staff for all their hard work in putting together tonight’s concert … it was a great effort and I hope they do it again next year!

That’s it for now … this has been a very strange weekend and I need to go to bed now!

Aloha, “D”