Raining … again!

It sure feels like it’s still winter here in Manoa … it’s been raining a lot and it’s quite cool.  But I’ll take this kind of weather any day over the humid, voggy stuff we get when the winds switch to the south.  Plus, all this rain is making our valley really green and lush.  I saw a pretty rainbow the other day while driving home and realized that I hadn’t seen one in quite a while.  I used to see at least one every week here in Manoa during the “winter” months.

There have been a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood recently … our neighbor just got hit yesterday.  Apparently, the burglars broke into their house through a side window and took some small stuff including a laptop.  There are some pretty desperate losers out there, so be sure to lock up and be alert for any suspicious activity around your neighborhood.

We’ve got a full weekend ahead starting with Lulu’s tonight, Kani Ka Pila tomorrow, and the Aloha Heaven concert on Sunday.  I was supposed to play golf with my Selohssa gang on Sunday, but had to cancel it because we have an early sound check … damn!  No worries, though, ’cause my game sucks anyway ….

Aloha, “D”