Kamehameha Day (plus one!)

A very happy Aloha Friday to you all!  Oh yeah .. it’s already Saturday … I forgot to finish my blog yesterday.  Big apologies!

Anyway, yesterday was Kamehameha Day, a state holiday in honor of the great king of Hawai’i, Kamehameha the Great.  There are all kinds of activities happening this weekend including parades, fairs, and concerts.  Of course, since this is also my high school reunion weekend, it’s turning out to be another very busy weekend for me!

I played a round of golf with some of my Punahou classmates on Thursday out at the Olomana golf links and it was great to see my old schoolmates again, even the ones I didn’t recognize!  My playing partners were Percy Wong, Milton “Sumo” Ebesu, and Cary Matsushige (who I performed with as Free & Easy back in the day).   We spent the day laughing, swearing, and reminiscing about the good ‘ole days while drinking ice cold brewskies and playing some really awful golf!   After we were done, we headed over to our classmate Steve Chang’s house in Manoa for a potluck get-together where we were joined by a bunch of other former classmates.  The finger-pointing and name-guessing was in full force as people tried to guess who each person was as they arrived, but eventually it was like old times as people got reacquainted.

Last night was our class reunion party over at the Elks Lodge in Waikiki, and I got to see many of my former classmates who I haven’t seen since graduation!  It was so much fun to listen to their life stories and laugh about the old school days – it really brought back lots of great memories!   The best part of the evening was bumping into my old class dean, “Tiger” Tom Metcalf, and I finally got the opportunity to thank him for letting me graduate (long story)!  Boy, did we give him a lot of grief!  Hahaha!  Oh, and get this … our class gift to Punahou this year was a whopping $877,000!  Holy crap!  Someone must’ve robbed a bank!  Everyone was just floored when Laura made the announcement … I mean, that’s a lot of money!!  Well, the rest of the evening just flew by and before you knew it, it was time to go.  I want to send a BIG MAHALO! out to Laura and the rest of the reunion committee for all their hard work in putting this wonderful event together.

I’ll be hitting the links this morning with some of my Waialae buddies before going over to IOLANI this afternoon for a bit.  Our annual Punahou Alumni Luau is tonight and ManoaDNA will be performing … can’t wait!  It’ll be a lot of fun because it’s also the 10th year reunion for Nick’s class (whooooo … makes me feel real old!).

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Aloha, “D”