Reunion Weekend!

Boy, am I tired this morning!  We were in the recording studio til after midnight last night … I forgot how long and tedious it is to record a song, especially if you want it done right!  I’m really feeling it right now, even after two cups of my beloved Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!  Today is also the start of my high school reunion weekend so I’ll be joining some of my classmates out at the Olomana G.C. this afternoon, followed by a potluck dinner at my classmate Steve’s home here in Manoa.  And since I rarely attend class reunions, I’m really looking forward to seeing whether I can still recognize some of them … or vice versa!  In any case, I expect there’ll be a lot of laughter and finger-pointing ….

I went and got Original Side Street Inn take-out last night for the boys – fried rice, yakisoba noodles, pork chops (specialty), spicy chicken, garlic edamane (soy beans), and …. hoisin chicken!  The hoisin chicken is a specialty item and is only on the menu from time to time, but I gotta say it’s quickly become one of my favorite dishes here at Side Street!   Hoisin is a type of BBQ sauce used in many Chinese dishes and is a bit salty with a hint of sweetness in it’s purest form.  Anyway, if you ever see hoisin chicken on the specials menu, order it … I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Since we were doing a recording session last night, I brought the food back to the studio so everyone could have a bite to eat before starting.  A “bite” was putting it mildly – there was so much food, I ended up eating way too much and spent the rest of the evening just trying to stay awake!  The song we’re recording, called “FEEL THE LIGHT”, was written by Alex a few days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami disaster hit Japan back in March, and we wanted to use the recording to help raise funds for the victims.  Since then, our own country has been hit by several natural disasters, bringing even more destruction and human suffering to this planet.  The need for aid is now more massive and urgent than ever, and I hope that in some small way our contribution of ”FEEL THE LIGHT” will not only help fundraising efforts but more importantly, will help to lift the spirits of those affected by the disasters.  In any case, the song is coming out great and I can’t wait for you guys to hear the final product!  Stay tuned ….

Aloha, “D”