Bernini rocks!

Aloha, peeps!

It’s early Wednesday morning and everything’s quiet and calm in the Kawakami household … a very rare occurrence indeed!  The puppies have just been fed and haven’t started going berserk yet, so this is like the calm before the storm.  This weekend is Reunion Weekend at Punahou for me & Nick and there are a bunch of events scheduled leading up to our annual Alumni Luau on Saturday evening.  I’ll be at a golf outing with my classmates tomorrow, a cocktail reception on Friday, then the luau on Saturday.  ManoaDNA was invited to perform at the luau this year, so we’re really excited to be going back to our alma mater and seeing many of our classmates again!  The only person who may be feeling a “little” uncomfortable will be our bass player, Mark, since he’s an Iolani School graduate.  We told him that he has to wear a buff ‘n blue Punahou shirt for the gig, and he just about had a stroke!  Hahaha!!

Last night, Carla and I were invited to dinner by our good friend Yumi, whom I had met several years ago when she headed the local office for Hawai’i Tourism Japan (HTJ).  It was Yumi who gave ManoaDNA its first opportunity to represent Hawai’i tourism in Japan, and she now runs a successful marketing business.  Anyway, she took us to Bernini, a new restaurant owned by her cousin, Motoyo, which is located on Waimanu St. between Piikoi and Pensacola Streets right around the corner from IOLANI.  The food was outstanding – I especially liked their pizzas which were baked in a special oven and came on a delicately thin and crispy crust!  The appetizers, salads, and desserts were also very good and are all made right there so everything is fresh and delicious!  And even though it was a Tuesday night, the place was PACKED, so you might want to make reservations before going down to this great little bistro.  Mahalo, Yumi!!

I know … a lot of your are wondering “so what … where are all the photos you’ve been promising?!!”  Very simply put, I’m too lazy to load them onto my laptop and I figure the boys are probably downloading all kinds of photos on their Facebook and Twitter pages anyway …

Aloha, “D”