Happy Aloha Friday, everybody!

Thunder and lightning woke me up early this morning and it’s still continuing as I write.  There’s also a cold rain coming through the valley which makes it almost seem like winter again … what strange weather!  In any case, it’ll be another busy day for me with meetings, conference calls, and a doctor’s appointment this afternoon before heading on over to Lulu’s for another Friday pau hana!  And if the weather stays like this, it could be a another quiet night in Waikiki town!

Thursday was a little less hectic … an early breakfast meeting, followed by a haircut and another short meeting before heading out to Waialae for my regular Thursday golf outing with the gang.  My game is still in the tank, but thanks to my partners I was able to escape with very little damage to my wallet!  I’m having a real difficult time getting off the tee so I’m always scrambling … not a fun way to play the game!

I stopped off at Rainbow Drive Inn on the way home to pick up plate lunches for dinner – mahimahi, boneless chicken, and chili – the usual favorites!  Came home and was greeted by a gang of puppies … of course, Peanut immediately ran out and grabbed one of Carla’s socks for his “collection” … what a weird dog! 

Aloha, “D”