Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone’s having a great Memorial Day holiday … I plan to do a little work, play some squash, then attend a dinner with some friends later this evening.  I’m still trying to recover from all the partying we did at the Na Hoku awards banquet last night at the Hawai’i Convention Center.  It was a great show and I want to congratulate all the winners, especially our good friends, the Kumz, Kamuela Kahoano, and Herb Ohta Jr. – way to go guys!  And as with our 2 previous CDs, we made it to the final cut but were again denied our first win (that makes us 0 for 7) which only serves to motivate us even more.  In any case, I want to thank all of the members who voted for us and truly appreciate all the support you’ve given me & my boys!