MDNA Blog – p90x is killing me!

I started doing p90x this week because I want to get into shape and look good for the summertime. I’m about to do day 3 of 90 and my body is destroyed! For those of you that don’t know what p90x is, it’s a workout system that you follow from your DVD player at home. It’s suppose to work you extra hard so it pumps you up! So far I did chest and back, and playometrics (spell??), and today is arms and shoulders I think. I can’t move my body so maybe it’s good that I’m only concentrating on arms and shoulders today.

Although p90x is terrible, it feels like I’m getting a good workout so by the time I go japan on July I’ll be so ripped!!!

Anyways, sorry Lulus is closed to the public tonight…hope to see you all at the Hoku awards this Sunday or next week at our gigs.