My Adventure at Gomaichi Ramen!

After work one night, I decided to leave my car the office so I could drink without having to drive. That left me with the rare opportunity to walk to work the next day.

On my way to work, I decided to eat at one of my favorite place on Ke’eaumoku, Gomaichi Ramen. As I walked in, I noticed that all the lights were off and hardly anyone was inside. They waitress told me that the power was off, but they had gas stoves and could still serve food. The kicker was, no A/C and no lights! But hey, food is food!

Luckily, it was a particularly breezy day, so the restaurant had some ventilation and wasn’t scorching hot. I got my usual favorite, Zasai Sunghonmen (Spicy Sour Soup) and sat down to eat.

The dark restaurant actually created a camp like atmosphere. Everyone talked to each other, and joked that it was like eating in a secret fort! It was like we had all dared to eat in this dark mysterious restaurant, and were so excited we survived!

After I finished, I payed my check and noticed that the restaurant was now full. As I walked out smiling from the randomly fun lunch I had, the lights turned on and it was back to normal business.

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