Sunday recap ….

Aloha, everyone!  Because I missed writing my blog the last couple of day, this’ll be my recap of the weekend … and it certainly was a BUSY one!!  First, my partner Paul and I played in a two-man “horserace” tournament on Friday afternoon … and won!  Because we made it all the way to the finals, I was late for Lulu’s and missed the first set … but no worries, though, ’cause the did the first set without me and never missed a beat.  I then played in our club’s biggest annual tournament the early the next morning (didn’t do so good), and then performed at Kani Ka Pila last night.

I want to thank everyone who came down to Lulu’s & Kani Ka Pila … it was great to see you guys, as always!  I especially want to send a big mahalo out to the Maili gang who brought their Uncle Buddy down to KKPG last night.  I learned that he had just lost his beloved wife of 53 years last week and his ohana brought him down to try and cheer him up.  I spent time talking story with him at the break, and found out that he was also a musician (slack key) back in the 40’s and 50’s.  I was happy that we were able to bring a smile to his face … God bless you, my friend!

WARNING! MY COMMENTS MAY OFFEND SOME PEOPLE!  I don’t usually like to vent in my blog, but I had to get this off my chest.  I’ve been hearing through the “grapevine” that some of my fellow entertainers have been criticizing our recent trip to Sendai by calling it a total ManoaDNA marketing ploy.  Not only is this a bunch of crap and really offends me, my boys, and all the people who have been working so hard to help, but is so typical of the kind of back-stabbing, alamihi crab jealousy that always surfaces whenever people are jealous of others.  What is it with you people?!  Are you that selfish and insecure that everything in your dark little world is always suspect?   Oh, and by the way … I wonder how many of you so-called professionals canceled future Japan gigs because of the disaster.  Hmmm, nice way to give back to the people who’ve been supporting YOU for so long …

‘Nuff said … time to go back to my “Happy Place”!

Aloha, “D”