Tuesday, May 17th

Aloha kakahiaka!  I think I can officially declare myself  jet lag-free!  I passed out at 10pm last night and woke up at 6am … to the sound of Buster’s barking, of course!  He’s got the most annoying bark – almost a screech – which has the same effect on your spine as when you scrape your fingernails down a chalkboard!

I met some friends at Zenshu, an izakaya restaurant on Kapahulu Ave. last night.  The food was asian fusion and pretty good … especially the natto poke!  We also had their pork chops, pizza(?), and assorted sushi … all good stuff.  The only thing that sucks about the place is the parking … you pretty much have to park on the Ala Wai golf course side of Kapahulu Ave. and then pray that you don’t get hit by a car while trying to cross that very wide and busy street.  It’s also located right next to my beloved Rainbow Drive Inn, so if you’re still hungry afterward you can walk next door and pick up a boneless chicken or mahimahi plate lunch (but you gotta do it before they close at 9pm!).

Photo corner:  Here are a couple of shots from Fukuoka … can somebody please tell me what the heck that bird-like statue is supposed to be?!!  I know that Fukuoka’s pro baseball team is the Hawks,  but this is a little abstract don’t you think??  The other photo is me & the boys standing in front of the Yahoo! Dome, home of the Hawks.

Aloha, “D”