Relaxing Sunday!

Aloha, peeps!  It’s a relaxing Sunday afternoon here in Manoa … just got back from playing a few games of squash and picking up some lunch at Uncle’s Fish Market where I ran into Eric Lee who’s doing a solo gig there for Sunday brunch.  I’m just sort of cruising now, but have to go down to Arcadia in a little while to install my mom’s new LED TV which I just picked up at Best Buy.  But after that, I’ll be cruising for the rest of the afternoon and probably go to bed early tonight ….

The boys decided to stay in Waikiki last night after a night of celebration at the Kani Ka Pila Grille.  Since Alex graduated yesterday, we were joined by a whole bunch of family and friends who came down to join in and help celebrate the occasion with us.  Mahalo to everyone who came, especially many of our friends from the mainland and Japan who were there to enjoy the music of MDNA!  You all are very special to us, and we consider you guys a part of our ever-growing ohana (family)!  I haven’t heard from the boys yet today, so I guess they’re busy recovering from last night’s “activities”!  LOL!

As I said, Alex graduated from U.H. yesterday with a degree from the TIM School (Travel Industry Management).  We were all so happy for him because it was a very difficult road for him the past few years with all the music and traveling with ManoaDNA.  His grandma was the most proud … she’s been waiting all this time to see her last grandchild finally graduate from college!  She hasn’t stopped smiling yet ….

Aloha, “D”

P.S. – and could there be a new mystery man in our pal Linda’s life???  Hmmm .. stay tuned!