“I should just start a food blog!” The thought has crossed my mind, but for now, two will be enough. Content first, form second…

Sushi-san, located on Kapiolani Blvd. is the latest entry to Honolulu’s kaiten-zushi (or, conveyer-belt sushi). With Kuru Kuru and Genki already in the market, Sushi-san separates itself with special dishes like its “Honey Moon Roll,” a roll sushi with bacon inside and fried kabocha pieces on top. I also tried their garlic hamachi, kappa spicy tuna, beef tataki, and bacon roll (all pictured).

Overall, it is the most similar to modern kaiten-zushi restaurants in Japan, and even has the ultra-modern two-level conveyer belt and personal hot water spouts. The food is good, the prices are average and the specialties are definitely worth a try. If you enjoy other conveyer sushi restaurants, you’ll definitely enjoy this one too!

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Located at 1409 Kapiolani Blvd., with parking available from the Kona St. side. Call ahead for reservations (808-944-0670) or walk-in.


  1. looks so yummy!!!

  2. Thanks Masako!  What’s your favorite type of sushi?