Jet lag is killing me!

Good morning, peeps … it’s Monday (I think) and jet lag hit me with full force last night.  I finally went to sleep around 3:30am and woke up after 10am … normally, I’m usually asleep by 10pm and up around 5am so my “body clock” is really messed up!  It’ll probably take about a week for me to adjust … I hope!  And as usual, I’ve got a backlog of work which I need to start working on … another typical post-trip week!

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!  Since the boys and I were a bit tired from our trip, we had a nice quiet dinner with the family at home (thanks, girls!).  Everyone wanted to hear about our trip and were especially interested in our experience in Sendai.  I told them about our meeting with Miyagi’s lieutenant governor and his message that other than the Fukushima reactor area, Miyagi is still a very safe place to visit … and I agree with him.

Another trip note:  While we were at the evacuation shelters in Sendai, many of the women were embarrassed to have their photos taken because they felt they were not “attractive” enough.  Because many of them were forced to flee from their homes with nothing else but the clothes on their backs, they had no time to pack cosmetics or other personal items.  Since it seems they now have adequate food and water now, it would be great if some of the cosmetic companies could donate some lipstick, mascara, etc. … I think it would really help lift the women’s spirits!

Ok … my mind just went blank – damn jet lag!  I’ll end for now ..

Aloha, “D”