Japan – Part 6

Good morning, peeps! It’s Friday here in Fukuoka, Japan .. our final stop before heading back home to Hawai’i! We got in around 8:30pm last night and I immediately unpacked, took a shower, and crashed out … I was so exhausted that I even passed on eating at one of the local “yatai” with the boys! I did get my first full night’s sleep, though …..

We have only one TV performance this afternoon so we finally have a little free time to do whatever. I plan to go to the UNIQLO store this morning before we have lunch at this great seafood restaurant nearby (sorry – can’t remember the name). They have these live fish tanks in the middle of the restaurant filled with every kind of seafood imaginable … unreal! I’ll share some photos with you after I get back home … cant really do it with this iPad app (it sucks!).

I encountered a “man-eating” elevator in our hotel last night … as I was getting off on our floor, the elevator door tried to close on me several times! I felt like I was being eaten alive as the door kept opening and closing on me while I was trying to get my stuff out of the elevator … needless to say, everyone just stood by and laughed their asses off! (I think Aureana was secretly pressing the “close door” button!)

I read on Facebook that their was another big quake near the Fukushima area … man, when are those poor guys gonna get a break?!!

Gotta run to Starbuck’s for my morning wakeup juice … not the same as my beloved Dunkin’ Donuts, though!

Aloha, “D”