MDNA Blog – My Long Journey to Japan

It all began with me waking up to prepare for my last day of class EVER. I’ll be graduating in May so with our Japan trip this week I will miss the last days of school. Little did I know that my joy of being out of school forever would be countered by a crazy day.
After class I had about 3 hours to pack everything and get to the airport. Seems like a long time right? That’s what I thought until I started remembering random things that needed to be done. I ran around and ran around until I finally got everything packed and got to the airport with about an hour to spare.
The airport was pretty empty and our flight was very empty. The flight attendant said that that was the first flight she’s seen that was that empty. I was pretty happy though because that meant that I could get my own row and make myself comfortable. I did just that, and I even managed to take a rare nap while taxiing. I guess I was exhausted..
We got in the air and everything seemed fine until 30 min into the flight when the captain came on the radio and said, “ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. Umm, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties up here, so we’re gonna have to turn around and head back to Honolulu…”
My heart dropped and my stomach tightened. I’m already scared of flying so this brought my level from “nervous” to “almost shit my pants” scared. The good thing tho was we were with other musicians, Kapono, Ikaika, JRoq, and Will, so we all hung out and partied till we took off again. Needless to say we needed many beers once in the air again.
Our delay made it so we didn’t arrive till after midnight, which means we got to our hotel around 2am. After a stop at the convenience store for water and a quick bite to eat, I showered and got in to bed to try and recover for our show at on Friday.
So nearly 24 hours after waking up for school, I finally made it to Tokyo and I’m very excited to perform!
See you all this weekend, thanks for reading!