Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu

Last weekend, I got a chance to hang out and learn about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu, a charity aimed at giving at-risk kids role models.  A couple of my friends are heavily involved in the organization and invited me to a beach cleanup at Ala Moana Beach Park. 

We started off with breakfast at the Original Pancake House (the Swedish pancakes are amazing!), and I got a chance to find out about this charity and how it helps.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has chapters all around the world and pairs at-risk children (age 6-16, known as “littles”) with adults (known as “bigs), in hopes that the adult will provide a good role model in the child’s life.  It is a huge responsibility for the “bigs,” so Big Brothers Big Sisters is there also to support and nourish the relationship between the “little” and “big.”  The beach cleanup this weekend was one of many opportunities Big Brothers Big Sisters provides, and basically gives the “bigs” and “littles” something to do.

I have tremendous respect for the “bigs.”  My family has always donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu, but it is those men and women who actually devote their time and energy as a “big” who really deserve the praise.  I am really glad I got to see Big Brothers Big Sisters in action, and I hope to volunteer again soon.