Aloha, my peeps!  Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL Aloha Saturday … I’m feeling great and my cough is almost pau (I hope!).  We performed at Lulu’s last night after almost a month-long absence, and we definitely showed some rust.  Everything felt a little “foreign” to me last night … my guitar, my voice .. just the whole “vibe” seemed to be a bit off.  Although it’s nice to take time off now and then, it always takes us a couple of gigs to get back into “fighting form”.  I want to thank many of our friends & family who came down to welcome us back – Pat, Sae, Shion, Aiko, Kayoko, Yoshiaki, Kylee, Kenji, Susan, Bob, Michi, Nao (welcome back!), Aimee, Matt, and all the rest – we love you guys!!

By the way, I think last night’s singing may have really helped my throat.  My doctor said that when a person’s been coughing for such a long period, the muscles in the throat are “conditioned” to spasm regularly causing the cough, and need to be “re-programmed” back to normal.  Whatever … anyway, I definitely feel a difference this morning because my urge to cough has subsided considerably …

I’ve been fooling around with a new coffee formula lately … I’ve been mixing my Dunkin’ Donuts brew with some espresso made in our new NEspresso machine.  Wow … good move!  Rich, dark, creamy … SO ONO!!  Uh, oh … I’m totally spoiled now.  hahaha!

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Aloha, Dad:)
    Yes, I’m back! It was nice to see you guys at Lulu’s:D:D:D