Feeling a little better this morning … went to see my internist yesterday and he gave me a bunch of pretty potent stuff to take – antibiotics, cough medicine with codeine, and even steroids!  Also had me take a chest x-ray to make sure everything’s ok so now I glow in the dark!  LOL!

Getting ready to leave for the mainland and I haven’t packed yet (so what’s new?).  It’s only a short trip anyway, so I’ll just throw some stuff in my suitcase … and besides, I can always buy clothes up there if I need to.

Alex & Linda cooked us a Valentine’s Day / Anniversary dinner last night … so cute! And we also got a new Nespresso coffee/espresso machine which makes the best coffee on this planet!  You can choose from a variety of coffees & intensities so we spent last night and this morning trying different ones … needless to say, we’re now totally wired from all the caffeine!!

Aloha, “D”