Muggy Aloha Friday

‘Morning, peeps!  Yup .. it’s still very muggy and warm this morning .. sure hope the trades come back real soon!  They had to postpone the 1st round of the Sony Open yesterday because the course was too soaked from all the rain, and instead will start it today.  The tournament continues with the 2nd round tomorrow and the final 2 rounds (36 holes) on Sunday.  So it’s gonna be a REAL long day for Nick & Alex on Sunday!  Hahaha!  Look for them today and tomorrow along the 18th hole, and on the 10th green on Sunday.  They’ll be working as course marshals … you know, they’re the guys who tell you to shut up when someone’s about to hit the ball.  If you see ’em, yell “Hey, ManoaDNA!”

Yesterday, a group of 15 people from Hiroshima dropped in to our IOLANI on Kona St. store.  Leading the pack was our old pal, Katoh-san, who brought some delicious momiji manju omiyage for us … mahalo, my friend! They couldn’t stay very long, though, since they were on a very tight schedule.  They quickly bought some shirts & dresses before being herded out the door by a stressed-out tour guide/van driver.  I wish we could have spent more time with them, but that’s what happens on these types of “guided” tours, I guess!  That’s ok … hopefully we’ll get to see them when we’re in Japan this year.  By the way, if you plan on stopping in at IOLANI make sure you allow a few extra minutes to visit with us because we truly enjoy “talking story” with our guests!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Aloha, Dad!
    Actually, I was going to join that when I knew it. I’m sorry I can’t!
    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

  2. Za~n-nen…
    We were not able to meet Dad in IOLANI.
    (But We met Carla san.)
    However, it is happy to be able to meet in Lulu’s!

    Gonnosuke (Naoko’s friend… Do you remember me ?)