Happy Aloha Sunday!

It’s freezing again this morning!  You know it’s freezing when I have to zip my thermal shirt all the way to my chin! It was an amazingly beautiful sight this morning; the sky was crystal clear without a cloud in sight and the sun was starting to peek over the mountains.  There was dew on the grass from the early morning chill as we walked the puppies around the neighborhood, and there was a great sense of peace & tranquility in the air.

We had an awesome jam at Kani Ka Pila last night that started right from the get go as we broke into an impromptu “No Ke Ano Ahiahi” during soundcheck and immediately got the crowd into a frenzy.  There were people dancing all over – in the restaurant, by the pool, and even in the lobby … what a great way to start the new year at the ‘grille!  Mahalo to everyone who came down last night!

I’m going to play squash now, so I’ll continue this blog after I get back … see ya!

Ok … it’s now late in the afternoon and we just got back from the Japanese Cultural Center’s Ohana Festival where we performed.  It was a beautiful afternoon and there were lots of people enjoying all the cultural activities and food booths … I even got to eat a couple of the “flying saucers” which I described in yesterday’s blog.

We’re going to prepare for dinner now …

Aloha, “D”