New Years Day – 2011


Good morning!  Boy, was it loud last night here in the valley … it sounded like a war zone with all fireworks going off around us!  We even had to close the windows because the air was thick with smoke.  If all that noise didn’t scare away the bad spirits then we’re in big trouble!

We took my mom to an early dinner at the Willows – something we’ve been doing for the last several New Year’s eves – and I think I’m going to have to find another restaurant next year.  Although the service and ambience was great, the food selection & quality was not.  They didn’t have their usual chicken & shrimp curry dishes which was really disappointing, and their dessert buffet was awful!  The bread pudding had the shape and texture of a hockey puck, and their soft-serve “ice cream” was so bad that they needed to put a sign on the machine saying “EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK”.  Such a shame …

We spent the rest of the evening at home with our puppies (the boys were off partying with their pals) … it was so nice to put on my old shorts & t-shirt and just do nothing!  I spent some time outside watching the fireworks in our neighborhood until the air got too smoky and had to head back inside.  I almost made it to the new year, but ended up passing out a few minutes before midnight (or so I’m told!).

Aloha, “D”