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Officially formed in the summer of 2005, MānoaDNA has become HawaiÊ»i’s hottest band. MānoaDNA’s energy and intense harmonies create a sound that will sweep you off of your feet.

If DNA conjures up visions of sterile science labs for you, then MānoaDNA is about to change your world. Weaving a patchwork of styles and genres into one solid sound, this multi-generational group quickly became a fixture in the music scene. They have taken the science out of DNA and replaced it with harmonies that will touch your soul.

“DNA” stands for Dad, Nick and Alex- and yes, it is all in the genes. For five years, MānoaDNA has been captivating audiences across the country and the Pacific. This talented family band brings 3-part harmony, upbeat sounds, and infectious enthusiasm to every stage. Their first three U.S. albums generated seven Na Hoku nominations and won the 2007 Hawaii Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year. And they continue to inspire rave reviews. [read more]

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