Nick in Photos, Ep. 4: “Christmas Rush”

Well all, it has been a while since I posted a blog and I would like to start off with an apology for that. ごまんあさい。

On to our regularly scheduled program, “Nick in Photos.” This week’s photos are few and far between since nothing really exciting happened to me. There was tons and tons of work at IOLANI, so I didn’t have a chance to bust out my camera very often.

First up, our good friend Bruce Shimabukuro opened a new ‘ukulele store in Waikiki called “UkeBox.” Head down to the Pacific Beach hotel and check it out. They even give free lessons!

Hanging out at UkeBox with Bruce Shimabukuro. Go down to the Pacific Beach hotel for free lessons!

Secondly, from the Legends Seafood Restaurant, a couple of super weird pictures. Had dinner there over the weekend, and it was a surreal occasion. As we sat down to have a nice Chinese dinner, a couple entered the restaurant wearing wedding clothes! They were having their wedding reception in the restaurant at the same time we were having dinner! Complete with non-stop Vietnamese karaoke, and flowergirls, it was so weird. I could only stand Vietnamese karaoke for so long and had to step out for a little while. Good thing I did, because then I found the second picture posted on the side of the building!


On Saturday, the University of Hawai’i football team completed their 2010 regular season with a win against the University of Las Vegas (UNLV). Great game, and the Kawakami boys even stayed after to honor the seniors!


Finally, like I have been doing the past couple of entries, a picture of our toy stash! We have an outpouring of support from our fans and are thrilled to be donating all these awesome toys! We’ve even had donations from our friends in Japan! すごい! ありがっとう!

More toys!  This is making me very excited for this weekend's toy drive. Ffffffffffffffffffffffdfffjodjfjfjfufifjkfisjdjdjxjdjjxjxnnxnf