Tree time!

We’re going shopping for our Christmas tree today at noon.  Normally, we put our tree up right after Thanksgiving but we’ve been so busy with IOLANI and ManoaDNA that we just haven’t had the time.  When you think about it, really, it’s kinda silly to go out and buy an almost dead tree, put it in your house for a couple of weeks, and then take it down.  Hmmm … I wonder who started this ritual in the first place and how does it relate to the birth of Christ?  What’s that you say? I’m starting to sound like Scrooge??  Bah, humbug!!  In any event, decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition in our house and always brings back such wonderful memories so … off we go to Tajiri’s!

We really had an early start yesterday morning … the boys & I had to be down at IOLANI for a TV interview with Trini Kaopuiki for our upcoming “Boys & their Toys” toy drive at the Kani Ka Pila Grille this Saturday. Boy, I forgot how hard it is to perform so early in the morning!  My guitar felt like a foreign object and my voice was so off-pitch that I thought I was singing in a different key!  We did manage to make it through two songs and finish the interview … and may I add that Trini looked absolutely stunning in our IOLANI dresses!  Immediately after that session was over, another camera crew came in to film us & IOLANI for a Japan travel show … but at least we didn’t have to sing!  Whew!  And I was so happy to see our dear friend, Misa, who flew in from Japan earlier that morning and to visit for a few days.  She is one of our biggest fans and used to live in Hawai’i for many years before moving back to Japan earlier this year.  Great to have you back, Misa!!

I have another early morning meeting today so I have to get ready to split … have a great day, y’all!

Aloha, “D”